Ways to Recover your Dried Nail Polish

Nail polish
Nail colors make your hands look prettier. Some shades of nail colors are girl’s favorite and they don’t want it to dry out and look clumsy. Most of the time if you don’t take care of the nail colors, they get dry and then all you can do is to put that nail color bottle in the trash. Some shades come in the market for limited time so girls wish that their favorite shade don’t get dry and they apply it as many times as they want. Main mistake girls do after applying nail colors is that they don’t close the nail polish tightly enough to avoid air contact and that’s the main reason behind their dryness.

Why Nail polishes Dry out?

Each time you open up the bottle to apply it or double coat your nail color, actually the air enters into the bottle. This air reacts with some of the chemicals which thickens the polish which makes your nail color clumsy and patchy. After applying one or eve two coats if you feel that your nail color is clumsy then air is the main reason to ruin it.

Methods to recover dried Nail Polishes

Unless you hate the color, don’t throw your dry nail polish. You can fix your dry nail polishes easily. Girls look for the ways and remedies to fix their dry nail polishes. On internet, many methods are available that explain how to prevent your nail colors from dryness but most of them are not much effective. I am going to share some methods to recover your patchy nail polish.
  1.  Adding few drops of nail polish thinner will help you to restore your dry nail polish. You will get the best results if you use thinner of the same company as of the nail color.
  2.  If you don’t have nail polish thinner, no problem. Just put your nail color bottle under hot water, it will warm up the color and thick material will dissolve automatically. Make sure to carefully handle the nail color bottle when it is hot. Don’t use this method if your nail color is in plastic bottle.
  3. Another common method is to add few drops of non-acetone nail polish remover as it also helps to thin a thick nail color. But we will not prefer it unless you really don’t have any other option as it may make your nail color sticky.
Photo by Melanie Tata via Flicker

Preventing Nail Polishes from drying

Girls know that good nail colors are worthy and they need more care and we also know that perfect color is hard to find again. Many nail color brands stop launching old exact colors that you love. So what if you take care of your nail colors before they dry. Here I am sharing some tips to save your nail colors from drying and how to keep them long lasting.
  1. Keep nail color bottle out of the range of direct sunlight.
  2. Keep the neck of the nail color clean. If it covers with nail color clean the mess with a clean cloth, don’t use cotton or tissue as it will stick to the neck of the nail color bottle.
  3. Open the bottle for use only; don’t keep it open for longer time as it dries out faster.
  4. Do not even store nail color in the refrigerator.
  5. Don’t shake the open bottle of nail color as it allows air to enter into the bottle and it makes it sticky and dry.
  6. Before using the nail color, roll the nail color bottle between your hands to mix the pigments, lose any sticks material and make the mixture homogeneous.
  7. Always store the bottle right side up. If you keep a sealed bottle upside down then heavier pigments will stick to the bottle’s neck. It will prevent is from opening and proper sealing next time you use it.

Nail colors need special care and precautions during and after the use. If you follow these tips your nail colors will never dries out and stay pigmented. A nail color dry out easily if it is open for a couple of minutes, so make sure to use it quickly and don’t apply nail color in-front of air condition or fan.


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