Daily 10 minute nail care routine for healthy and shiny nails

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Nails are the tiniest part of the body give strength to your fingers and brings further glam and confidence to your overall look if maintained properly.
For girls particularly, stunning nails represent a modern look. However, to do that, you don’t need to go to the salon every single time. You simply need a fraction of your time daily to maintain them. To assist you to maintain good nail health, here is simple and easy nail care routine for healthy and delightful nails.
Take ten minutes before going up to bed to follow this easy nail care routine and additionally do a couple of different things during the day time which will offer you superb shinny and healthy nails.

1. Apply Night Cream or Moisturizer:

Moisturizing is the most vital step of any routine from hair to foot. It's even a lot more necessary to incorporate moisturizer in your nail care routine.
Your hands and nails dry out as they are the most exposed body parts. Soaps and hand wash also dry your hands and nails. These chemicals rip away the natural moisture from hands and nails, therefore, make it a habit to use moisturizer or night cream before going to bed.
Regular application of moisture leaves your hands soft and young.
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2. Apply Cuticle Oil every Alternate Day:

Cuticle care is one of the foremost vital issues in your nail care routine. Therefore, apply cuticle oil and massage them on every alternate day.
Cuticle oil massage helps your cuticle to stay healthy by rising the blood circulation and thus enhance the nail growth.
If your hands and nails are super dry then apply cuticle oil on daily basis.

3. Take Vitamins if Needed:

Due to the deficiency of vitamins and proteins, your nails can have white ridges. If you can see white ridges on your nails then improve overall vitamin intakes in your diet and include fruits like citrus, berries in your breakfast. Another way is to take vitamin supplements or pills to make up the deficiency. For good nail growth and health, you can use E capsules to massage your nails and leave them overnight. This can be the most effective natural way to grow your nails quick.

4. Clip & File Nails:

Our nails grow all day. If you're feel that they're out of form, cut or file them. Keep one small good quality nail kit handy. It contains all the mandatory tools for your everyday nail care routine like filing and trimming. Usually cutting and filing your nails after a week is sufficient.

5. Apply Fresh Polish if Needed:

If you're one of the ladies who like to have colorful nails with nail arts. Make it the basic element of your nail care routine to observe and refresh your polish and nail art design.
If your polish is ripping away due to daily hectic routine, t apply a fresh coat in night. Girls love nail colors and if your favorite nail color is getting dry. Check out our guide for you to refresh it again.

6. Wear Gloves while Doing House Hold Activities:

Direct contact of your hands with detergents or dishwashers will make your nails super dry. If your skin is sensitive, it could have more harmful effects and may injure your nails.
To avoid these, wear washing gloves while washing dishes or cloths

Take Away:

Nails will compliment your overall look if they're taken care every single day. Follow this smooth nail care routine for a couple of minutes before bed to make your nails soft and shiny. Moisture is the key to healthy skin, nails and hair.
So that’s my nail care routine! Sounds a bit lengthy, I realize, but it normally takes me 10 minutes, what is your nail care routine please let us know in comments. 


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