Basic feet care, everyone needs to know

Feet care
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Feet contain 26 bones that support the total weight of your body. They allow you to stand, walk, balance the body weight in-fact hiking, running and jumping are some of the enjoyable activities your feet allow you to do. Feet perform more functions daily but unfortunately we ignore to take care of them. We must know that feet need to be strong, healthy and comfortable. Special care is required for healthy feet such as caring while choosing the size of shoes, moisturizer for feet etc. Even wearing a wrong size shoes can cause different kind of problems to your feet as the most common is blisters.
After a long day of work or 1 hour jogging session, your feet can be the most effected part of your body as they sweat a lot which causes smell and fungus infection. Feet care is as necessary as to take care of your facial skin. Mostly people don’t not focus on feet care as no one see your feet when you in office or outside. But this behavior can creates lots of skin problems to us. Many issues arise if we don’t care about our feet such as foot cramps, foot strain, corn and calluses, onychomycosis and many more. Feet are the most important body organ that works just after we wake up, so if they are not healthy and if you going through any feet issue it will not only directly affect your mood but create hurdle in routine functions as well. It is really necessary to spare some time for the feet care that include many steps such as making your feet relax, a good massage and much more. Now different spas and salons are providing their services in regard of taking care of your healthy and beautiful feet. We all must hear that if you want to judge someone’s personality just looks to their feet and obviously ugly feet don’t inspire anyone.

Basic Feet Care

We must know about the care of our skin and hands but what about our beautiful feet that also need our attention and for me they even need more care and attention as compared to other body organs because they function too much. Some of the basic feet care steps are as follows:

Washing your feet

Keeping your feet clean is as necessary as to clean your hands. Soak your feet in a luke warm water with some liquid soap and relax your feet for few minutes. Gently rub them to remove dust and dead skin. It will clean your feet and make them super soft & good looking.
feet care
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Drying your feet well

Drying feet well is very necessary especially between the fingers because fungal infection is very common between the fingers. Dry it with some super soft towel.


The step of moisturizing in feet care basic routine is as compulsory as for hands. If your skin is super dry then apply moisturizer after washing them off. Many good moisturizers are available in market that makes your feet super soft. Look for creams containing petrolatum, an emollient or humectants such as lactic acid which draws moisture into the skin. A good time to apply moisturizer is in night before going to sleep

Foot Massage

After along tiring day, everyone likes some massage. Massaging your feet for 5-10 minutes regularly before going to sleep not only relax feet muscles but also help to get a good sleep. It doesn't take much time and effort. you can also use some massage oil if you like. 

Choosing comfortable shoe wear

Choosing shoe wear is very important. Choose the shoes according to the scenario. Like for walking choose comfortable joggers, for office go for pumps and for some party and evening dinner go for the sandals or sometimes high heels but don’t spend much time wearing heels as it can make your feet uncomfortable and cause several medical issues.
feet care
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Wearing sunscreen

Wear sunscreen on the top of your feet. Apply a sunscreen with an at least SPF-30 to your feet when you are going barefoot or wearing open sandals especially in summer.

Get Support

Standing for a long time without any support can make your feet sore or swollen. If your work involves lots of standing then try to walk or even take few steps after some time to keep the blood flowing in feet. Wearing insoles can also make shoes more comfortable.

Wearing socks

Wearing socks is not only important to protect your feet from cold but it also protects your feet against sweat. Socks also shield the feet against dust and dirt which might stick to the cream applied on to the feet. They also protect against UV radiation. So spend some extra bucks while buying socks.


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