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Best hand creams that need to be in your bag

While protecting over skin from dust and other impurities, why we forget to take care of our hands? Hands don't get enough love! Bodies are complicated things. No matter how many reviews you search about, there is always a component to skincare that is determined by experience and trial-and-error. If you are ready to buy a good hand cream for your self then let me explain some ingredients that must be in your hand cream. 

Ingredients that need to be looked while purchasing a good hand cream 

  • Hand creams that are high in oils like argan, avocado, sweet almond and sunflower are best for your hands as it brings good moisturizer to your hands and make your hands pretty and smooth at the same time. 
  • People like me who have dry hands can look for Urea while purchasing hand cream for themselves. Urea works as a keratolytic as it dissolves dead skin to reveal supple skin underneath. Urea used in beauty products are specifically synthesized in labs.
  •  For crackly hands i must suggest to go for Aloe Vera and other vitamins ingredients. Look for the ingredients that will help the cracks to heal. For example Vitamin C has the best properties to heal patchy skin.
  •  For daily use and to make your hands look more moisturized and look healthy try to apply petroleum jelly at night time. It is better to use it in night time as it will lock in moisture and shield your hands from drying winds overnight. 

Hand Creams that must be in your bag 

Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment 

Aquaphor hand cream 

This hand cream has the most simple ingredients as of petroluem jelly, or you can call it a petroluem jelly in a tube. The cost of this tube is $4.76.  It contains all the ingredients that are best for moisturizing hands skin without giving any harm. The texture of the hand cream is bit greasy but still it is good at protecting from irritants. 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 

This hand cream is best for the people who hate using hand creams as it is odorless and colorless and work wonders. The price of this amazing hand cream is $3.96.Nine ingredients are used in this hand cream that are very simple and purely used to moisturized your hands. The only ingredient that can disturb hormone function when used excessively is parabens. So, i suggest to consult to look over if you find any allergic and skin problem. 

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter 

 Josie Maran can said to be the organic hand cream as it contain all natural ingredients except tocopherol. The price of this hand cream is $35. The list of other ingredients included shea butter and matcha tea extract that are best for moisturizing hands. The texture of the hand cream is bit greasy when you first apply, but you just need to give it few minutes to dry down. 

Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream 

This hand cream is specially designed for outdoor use because it includes sunscreen and skin nourishing plant oils. The cost of this hand cream is $12. It contains SPF 40 that helps with the fine lines and spots caused by the sun rays. This hand cream dont contain water so the texture of the cream is very thick and takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin. 

Deciem Hand Chemistry

This hand cream targets the signs of aging and also helps to hydrate your skin. The cost of this hand cream is $22. This hand cream make your hands firmer, brighter and smoother. The main ingredients of this hand cream is derived from coconut oil and glycerin that helps to restore skin. The other ingredients helps to tone the skin. One thing that is different from other hand creams is that it does not give any greasy texture to your hands after applying. 


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