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Nail Care Tips for Winter

Why Nails Hate Winter?

Erin Gilbert, a New York City dermatologist says, “Healthy nails contain 18 percent water on average”. In winter season you are constantly moving between hot, dry and freezing temperatures outdoors. These extremes can reduce
the moisture level in your nails and leave your nails dehydrated. Dried out nails are more likely to break, split and chip. Not just weather is the one factor that affects the dryness of nails but also include hot showers, nail polish removers with acetone, alcohol based hand sanitizers and dish washing liquid.
“Washing liquid is just about the worst thing happen for nails”, Says Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann.
With the winter chill in the air, keeping nails sexy and strong proves to be a challenge for anyone throughout the season. When the temperature drop, exposure to the elements can mean dry, brittle nails easily prone to breakage and infection. In this article I am going to discuss nail care tips for winter that will help you for making your nails healthy and strong.


Hydrated hands are healthy hands and nothing works better for skin and strong nails in winter than a daily moisturizer. Make a habit to moisturize your hands after every wash and if not possible moisturize your hands before sleep. Daily moisturizing routine will give you unbelievable results i.e. your hands and nails feel more healthy and strong than before. In winter, skin and nails tend to become dry, cracked and rough so applying moisturizer regularly will not only help to save your skin but it will keep your nails protected with the nourishment they need to stay strong and healthy.

Massage Cuticles

It is necessary for massaging your cuticles in winter.  Make it a daily habit to massage Vaseline into your nails and cuticles or add few drops of cuticle oil to strengthen your nails and prevent further damage from being done. Always push back your cuticles, don’t cut them because cutting can lead to infection and damage to your nails health.

Don’t paint your nails much

Give your nails some breathing room by not putting much nail polish because some nail polishes chemicals like acetone and formaldehyde than can erode your nails natural protein layer that helps to protect your nails. Applying nail polish daily without giving break can also cause nail discoloration, leaving behind an awful yellowish tinge on your nails.

More Protein

When all of the above tips fail, look at your diet as well and improve your diet for healthy nails. Eating a protein rich diet will ensure nails receive the necessary nutrients they need to remain healthy and strong. Protein is the food for nails in simple words because nails are made up of protein called keratin, so it is important to consume protein filled sources for nails to grow.

Avoid using polish removers contains Acetone

Don’t use nail polish removers that contains Acetone because Acetone make your nails dry and unhealthy. While non-acetone nail removers are best for removing nail polish from natural nails. Non-acetone removers have a less intense scent than acetone removers.


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