5 Home Remedies For Beautiful Hands

Hands are one of the important parts of the body. With the help of hands one is able to do many things, infect a person does all his/her important things by the help of their hands. Among other body parts hands are also the part of the body that are not covered and remain visible to the environment and since we almost do everything with the help of hands they are not safe from germs and bacteria.
 In order to make your hands beautiful and attractive you have to use some natural homemade remedies and tricks for hands. In this article I will discuss some very common and natural tips that will make your hands perfect and smooth. Here are some beauty tips for hands that will help you to regain the complexion of your hands
that you had once.
  • Before sleeping make a habit to put glycerin and rose water solution on your hands. This solution will make your hands smooth and gentle. 
  • If your hands are hard and rough mix petroleum jelly with carbolic acid and apply on your hands daily. 
  • Always apply sun block cream when going out in the sun.
  • To make your hands beautiful, take raw milk and add lemon juice and honey in it and stir this mixture well until it becomes a thick paste. Then apply it on your hands.
  • Take lemon, sugar and honey mix it well to make a paste. Apply it on your hands for perfect soft and beautiful hands. 


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