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Dec 2, 2017

5 Best Nail Art Designs for Winters 2017

Hello everyone after a long time, Once again i am here to share some of the best nail art designs that you can put in winters 2017. Summers are so colorful so, why not winters? Today i come up with 5 best nail art designs for winters 2017 that every girl can put and enjoy. 

5 Best Nail Art Designs For Winters 2017

5 best nail art designs for winters 2017 are as follows:

Gilded French 

Gilded french is the best nail art designs for the girls who love to go on parties in winters. In this design the nail is brighten up with matte black base nail color with imperfectly placed gold foil. 

Silver Lining

Silver lining nail art is the modern yet classy look for winters, choose double dipped black and silver tip to make your hands look more beautiful in winters. 

Spot On 

Mix matte and glossy finishes for not so basic black manicure. This design is suitable for casual evening parties in winters 2017. This look is best for school and college going girls. 


Two tone nude arches design go best with the cozy cashmere sweater you want to wear every day. This nail art is best for daily routine and it goes well with your everyday wear sweater. 

Winter Blooms

Warm up your hands with a rich, navy floral design. This nail art design is best for young girls who love to play with colors. It provides a nice and neat look to your hands
Copy your favorite nail art design from the above best nail art designs for winters 2017 and comment below about the article and also give suggestions regarding nail art designs. Thanks

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