How to grow perfect nails in a week?

What if you go for a manicure and they cut your nails too much? The first reaction must be full of anger. But what if i tell that you can grow perfect and healthy nails in a week? 

Nails act as window to our body. Perfect and smooth nails with no stains show that your health routine is just perfect. Many girls have issue of shorten nails.In this article i am going to show a tip that can help you to grow your nails in a week.
Interesting facts about nails

Tips to grow your perfect & healthy nails in a week

Here are list of tips that will help you to grow your nails in just a week. 
  • Use gentle soap to wash your hands.
  • There are many suppliments available in market for hair, skin and nails growth. But it is scientifically proved that perfect and healthy diet helps to grow your nails faster and healthier. 
  • Make sure your diet contain protein becuase protein deficiency cause damage and weekness to your nails.
  • Some ingredients that i used to grow my nails are Folic acid, top coat, Vitamin E oil and garlic powder. It is proved that all these ingredients help to grow your nails faster. Just put all these ingredients in top coat and apply on your nails. Apply this mixture atleast once a day and you will found the results in a week.
  • Rubbing garlic also help nails to grow faster and healthier. 
If you want to know more about nail care tips than keep following me. 


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