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Mar 11, 2016

Nail Art Designs for Short Nails

Hey to all my lovely followers, I hope you all are well. I come again with a new topic and concept that will must click you. Yeah! i am going to talk about short nails. Long nails are a dream of many girls, and they tried many youtube tutorials to have their long nails. But if you failed to do your nails long, then read this article. In this article i am going to show that how you can make your short nails look more attractive and funky. 

Best choice in nail enhancements
Girls with small nails feel they can't make any design on their nails because of less space of nail. I will show you some hot and elegant nail art designs that are perfect for the short nails and they can make your short nails look amazing, so stay on the page and read the article.

Nail art designs for short nails

Some of the hot and perfect nail art designs for short nails are as follows:

Hot black nail design 

This is one of my favorite nail art design i done on my client hands. It is adorable at the same time. In this nail art design i take two hot nail colors i.e. black and white. As we all know the color combination of black and white rock. I paint my index finger and ring finger with black nail color while remaining three fingers are painted with white nail color. I put rinestones on my nails with the help of rinestone picker. A rinstone picker fix rinestone easily on your nails. To stick to the nails i use nail glue. 

Flower pattern nail art

cute flower pattern nail art

Flower pattern nail art can also be done on short nails. The space on short nails is less, so less flowers can be made. Firstly i paint all my nails with black nail color and than use white nail color to draw the mini flowers on nails. It look adorable and this nail art is applicable to the kids too. 

Zig zag nail art design

I named this design "zig zag" because i make lines like zig and zag. In this nail art i first paint all my nails with white nail color and then i make a random zig zag line with red nail color, i use toothpick to make this line. If you have nail art pen than use it. After making the line i decided to make some dots with yellow nail color, you can also make colorful dots. It depends on you, to change the design according to your desire. 

Grey nail art design

grey design for short nails

Sorry in this design my index finger is hurt by knife, so ignore it. In this nail art design i pick grey nail color on all my nails and than design each finger nail differently as you seen in an image. This design is perfect for school going girls. To make it more trendy use matte top coat.

Hot Purple nail art 

 hot purple nail art

In this design i use the funky color known as purple. This color is best for the teenager girls. I simply paint three nails with purple color while thumb and ring finger is designed by using the purple color. If you don't have nail art pen, you can make this design with toothpick. You can change the color, but i recommend to once made this nail art design on your nails. This will make your short nails look more elegant and hot. 

Blood red nail art

blood red nail art

In this nail art design i use blood red nail color of OPI. To make it more funky and hot, i paint all my nails with red color left the ring finger. Later on, i paint my ring finger with white nail color and make a design on it by using my nail art pen. This nail art design is best for young girls.

Neon nail art design

neon nail art

As you seen the image i use the most vibrant nail color's in this nail art design. I paint all my nails with different colors these colors are known as neon colors. When the nail color get dry, make small dots and outline the dots with black stripper. This will make a hot nail art design that is best for any event.
Hot nail art designs for girls

Nude nail art design

nude nail art design

This is simple yet elegant nail art design for the girls having short nails. I paint my nails with nude nail color and left the ring finger. For ring finger i choose a blue nail color and some shimmer on the top. This will balance the whole nail art design. It will not look dull and not too vibrant, so it is the best nail art design for the ladies working out.

Classy nail art design

classy nail art design

This nail art design is best for the spring season, as i use the vibrant color in this design. I paint my nails with peach nail color and paint the ring finger with white nail color, and make black patterns on it. I named it as "classy nail art design" because it provides a fresh look to your hands. 

Pink nail art design

pink nail art design

I just love this nail art design, it is the most cutest nail design. I use white and pink nail colors to make this design. I make lines, polka dots and small dots on nails. This nail art is seems to be difficult but it is the easiest. No tool i required to make this design, just used the toothpick.  So are you going to try this adorable nail art?
I hope you all like the nail art designs, so short nails are not problem at all. Go try all these nail art designs on your nails and send me your feedback, and comment below. 

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