Animal Nail Art Inspired by Katty Perry

Animal nail art is very famous among young girls. Celebrities also like to do animal nail art on their nails. It provides a gorgeous look to your nails. I am going to show a nail art that i done on my nails inspired by katty perry. This nail art is simple yet gorgeous too. One can easily done this nail art without any special trainning. Things required for this animal nail art are as follows:

  • Makeup sponge 
  • white nail color
  • Black Stripper
  • Elegant nail color
  • Top coat 
Katty Perry dark horse nail art tutorial 

How to do animal nail art?

Animal nail art is very popular because it provides a perfect unique look to the nails. Steps that should be followed to do animal nail art are as follows:
  • Apply the base coat on the nails.
  • Now make two layers of white nail color.
  • Take the makeup sponge and apply white and light neutral color on it.
  • Apply the darker shade of nail color.
  • Make spots on the nail with dark enamel color.
  • Now apply balck stripper around spots.
  • Finally apply the top coat.


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