Shimmery Nail Art

Shimmery nail art is famous among the girls, because it provide great look to your nails. It is just designed for young girls. It gives fresh and gorgeous look to their nails. One can carry these kind of nail art in parties, and at any big event. Here is the list of things that is required for doing shimmery nail art.
  -A base coat.
  -A Darker shade nail color (you can also use Matte color for this nail art).
  -Glitters (Glitters come in many colors and shades, one can choose according to their choice).
  -Nail Glue.
  -Top transparent nail color.

How to do Shimmery Nail Art?

Shimmery nail art is much famous. Now here i am going to told you that what steps are required to do the shimmery nail art, and the steps are as follows:
 -Apply the base coat on your nails.
 -Now apply the nail color. (Skip one finger, because it is coated       with glitter later on, or you can color all nails and put glitter on       all. It all depends upon you.
 -Apply the Nail glue on the nail you want to coat with glitter.
 -Let the nails dry.
 -Now apply the transparent nail color for finishing. 
Note: You can also make patterns on the glittery nail for making it more attractive and gorgeous. 

Different Shimmery Nail Art Designs

Here are some of the famous shimmery nail art designs. 






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