Pattern Nail Art

Pattern nail art is most famous among the girls, because it is easy to make different patterns on nails. The most popular pattern is vertical and horizontal lines on the nails. Here is the list of things required for doing pattern nail that includes:
  -Base coat.
  -Nail color of any color you required.
  -Pattern stickers. 
  -Striping tape.
   -Transparent nail color.

How to do Pattern Nail Art?

Pattern nail art is easy, but sometimes tricks are needed for doing the best pattern nail art. Following steps will help you to do perfect pattern nail art and the steps are as follows:
  -Apply the base coat on the nails.
  -Now apply the nail color on your nails.
  -Different pattern stickers are available in the market, if you dont      have the stickers buy different color striping tape.
  -In case of pattern stickers, let the nail color dry and apply the          pattern on the nail.
  -Press the pattern sticker, so it embosed on the nail.
  -Slowly remove the sticker and you are done. 
  -In case of striping tape, you can use it in any way horizontally,        vertically etc. And then peel it off slowly.
  -Use transparent nail color at the end for provide finishing to the      nails. 

Different Pattern Nail Art Designs 

Here i am showing some of the best pattern nail art i done on different customers. 






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