Neutral Nail Art

Neutral nail art is considered to be the best nail art for old ladies, because it looks you don't put the nail color. There are many companies that are providing the best neutral nail color for us. Here is the list of things that are required to make neutral nail art and the list is as below:
  -Base coat.
   -Neutral color (The best neutral colors are provided by OPI and        Channel).
  -If you want to make pattern then you need nail art pen, striping        tape.
  -Top coat Matte nail color or transparent nail color.

How to do Neutral Nail Art?

Following steps are required to do the neutral nail art, and the steps are as follows:
  -Apply the base coat on your nails.
  -Now apply the neutral color on your nails.
  -It depends upon you to do pattern nail art or some else. 
  -Apply top coat for finishing the nail art.

Different Neutral Nail Art Designs

Here i am going to show some of my popular neutral nail art designs.



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