Neon Nail Art

Neon nail art is famous among old ladies, but remember not all neon colors are made for old woman. they must chose the colors that are not so harsh and does not give them high look. Things required for making the neon nail art are as follows:
  -Base coat.
  -Neon color of any company. 
  -Top coat.

How to do Neon Nail Art?

Here are the steps to be followed to do your own neon nail art and the steps are as follows:
  -Apply the base coat.
  -Apply neon color on your nails. (for old ladies choose the light neon colors).
  -At last apply the transparent nail color for provide good finishing to the nail art.

Different Neon Nail Art Designs

Here i am going to show some of the best neon nail art designs that is best for the old ladies.


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