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Jan 14, 2016

History of Nail Art


Nail art is an art of decorating nails. This type of art can be done on finger nails and as well as on toe nails. Nail art is being done in different salons and people love to customize their nails by putting stones, stickers, and pearls on their nails.
As other arts, this art was also come from ancient times. It was firstly introduced in
ancient Babylonia (a Semitic state and cultural region that is based in Central-southern Mesopotamia). At that males color their nails with Kohl. The term kohl is used that is an ancient cosmetic product that is made by grinding stibnite. This is widely used in ancient times in South Asia, Middle East and Africa, people used it as eyeliner and also some used it as mascara for eyelashes. The nail color in ancient times distinguishes higher class people and lower class people. Males of higher class color their nails with black color while nail color for lower class was green.
From 5000B.C to 3000B.C, ancient Egyptian women used nail art to indicate their social status. At that time women used the juice of henna to decorate their nails. The biggest example of nail art of that time was Queen Nefertiti who used to color her nails with red color; While Queen Cleopatra used deep rusty shades for her toe and finger nails. Ordinary women are not allowed to use the same nail color as wore by the Queen.
In 600 BC, the royal people used gold and silver colors on their nails to indicate their status but later on they used red and black for the same purpose.
In ancient times, nail art indicates the status and just allowed by the royal people to do nail art on their finger and toe nails. But in 19th century, it became allowed for everyone that they can do nail art, nail paint of any color they want. From 19th till now, it become the part of fashion.

Different Techniques of Nail Art

There are different techniques of nail art were used by ancient people such as:  
  • Acrylics: that is a chemical mixture of polymer powder and monomer liquid; it can be directly applied on nails and also applied on artificial nails.
  •  Nail gel: that is applied on nails to protect from any harm to nails. It is also called curing gel for nails.         
  • Nail polish: As the time passes nail polish was introduced in market, that can be used on finger nails and toe nails as well. Nail polishes are available in different colors and one can put according to their choice. There are many types of nail polishes such as glitter, matte, shiny etc.
  •  Several options are available in market for decorating nails such as nail art pen, glitter, adding accessories like stones, pearls, stickers etc.