French Tip Nail Art

French tip nail art is the most descent and adorable nail art that is best for the old ladies. This nail art provides a good and neat look to your hands. Main things that are required for doing french tip nail art are as follows:
  -Base coat.
   -Neutral nail color/nude nail color.
  -white nail color.
  -Scotch tape or rubber band.
  -Transparent nail color.

How to do French Tip Nail Art?

French tip nail art is the most easiest and the convenient nail art that can be done by anyone without using the nail art accessories. Just follow these simple steps and you are done with your french tip nail art and the steps are as follows:
  -Apply the base coat on your nails.
  -Apply the nude nail color that does not cover your nails, but just      provide extra shine to it. 
  -For doing normal french tip, you need a scotch tape and if it is        not available then simply use the rubber band.
  -Cover the nails with scotch tape and left the tips to cover them        with white nail color for making french tips.
  -In case of rubber band just grab rubber band around the tips of        your nails and apply the white nail color, and then remove the          band carefully.
  -In last apply the transparent nail color for providing finishing          touch.

Different French Tip Nail Art Designs

You can further use the nail art accessories and use nail art pen for making different designs on your french tip nails. Here are some of the best french tip nail art designs i made on different clients. 



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