Cute Nail Art

As the name suggests, cute nail art is made with some cute designs. This kind of nail art is best for the teenage girls. Here are the lost of things that are required to do the cute nail art and the list is as follows:
  -A Base coat.
  -Nail colors (In this nail art must choose the soft and cute colors).
  -Cute stickers. (Different kind of stickers are available in market,       you can use the cute ones).
  -Top coat i.e. transparent nail color.

How to do Cute Nail Art?

Here are the following steps that should be followed to make cute nail art on your nails. 
  -Apply the base coat on your nails.
  -Now apply the nail color (Use the soft nail colors such as baby         pink etc). 
  -Let the nail color dry properly.
  -Now apply the cute sticker on your nails. It is your choice to put       stickers on all the nails, or to put on one.
  -Take some time until the sticker settle down, press it with some       tool, so it stick properly.
  -Now apply the transparent nail color for providing the finishing       touch. 

Different Cute Nail Art Designs

Here i am sharing some of the cute nail art designs that are best for carrying on any occassion, or even you can carry it casually. 


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