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Nail Art Innovations

In ancient times, limited tools are available for designing the nails. But now, many new tools, designs, stickers and much more are available that provide innovation in nail art designs. Some innovations are just amazing that one can't imagine in past times.
In recent years, nail art is becoming more popular and more creative deisgns are introduced that will blow your mind.
Interesting facts about nails

Jewellery Nail Art

Nail Art is very famous, because it gives a unique and elegant look to your hands. Wedding nail artis adopted by many brides, and this nail art contains more nail art accessory such as stones, pearls, glitters etc. Jewellery nail art is famous among the brides.

Top Nail Art Pens

Getting the best nail art pen is the difficult task. There are so many brands that are providing nail art pens, but some of those are useless and some are so expensive. Before buying nail art pen, first decide that which type of nail art pen you want. Here i am going to describe about the top and best nail art pen providers that are best among other companies.
How to use nail art pen?

How to use Nail Art Pen?

Nail art pen is considered to be the main accessory in the nail art kit. The purpose of this tool is to draw small petals, flowers and to make perfect designs on your nails. The tip of the nail art pen is so thin that it can easily make the smallest art on your nails. Here i am going to provide you the complete information about nail art pens. 

Top Nail Art Pens
How to use Nail Art Pen?
After purchasing the nail art pen, it is necessary for one to know that how to use it and to do perfect designing on nails with the use of that pen. This tool is named "pen" because it shaped like the normal pens we use to write on papers.

Nail Art Designs for Weddings

Wedding nail art is very famous, and people love to carry this nail art on their weddings and while attending others wedding. The designs used in wedding nail art are trendy, glamorous and cool. Here is the list of nail art designs for the weddings that are very famous and are in trend now days. 
  -3D Sticker Nail Art
  - Jewellery Nail Art.
  -Matte Wedding Nail Art.
  -Fancy Wedding Nail Art.

French Tip Nail Art

French tip nail art is the most descent and adorable nail art that is best for the old ladies. This nail art provides a good and neat look to your hands. Main things that are required for doing french tip nail art are as follows:
  -Base coat.
-Neutral nail color/nude nail color.
  -white nail color.
  -Scotch tape or rubber band.
  -Transparent nail color.

Neon Nail Art

Neon nail art is famous among old ladies, but remember not all neon colors are made for old woman. they must chose the colors that are not so harsh and does not give them high look. Things required for making the neon nail art are as follows:
  -Base coat.
  -Neon color of any company. 
  -Top coat.

Neutral Nail Art

Neutral nail art is considered to be the best nail art for old ladies, because it looks you don't put the nail color. There are many companies that are providing the best neutral nail color for us. Here is the list of things that are required to make neutral nail art and the list is as below:
  -Base coat.
-Neutral color (The best neutral colors are provided by OPI and        Channel).
  -If you want to make pattern then you need nail art pen, striping        tape.
  -Top coat Matte nail color or transparent nail color.

Pattern Nail Art

Pattern nail art is most famous among the girls, because it is easy to make different patterns on nails. The most popular pattern is vertical and horizontal lines on the nails. Here is the list of things required for doing pattern nail that includes:
  -Base coat.
  -Nail color of any color you required.
  -Pattern stickers. 
  -Striping tape.
-Transparent nail color.

Cute Nail Art

As the name suggests, cute nail art is made with some cute designs. This kind of nail art is best for the teenage girls. Here are the lost of things that are required to do the cute nail art and the list is as follows:
  -A Base coat.
  -Nail colors (In this nail art must choose the soft and cute colors).
  -Cute stickers. (Different kind of stickers are available in market,       you can use the cute ones).
  -Top coat i.e. transparent nail color.

Shimmery Nail Art

Shimmery nail art is famous among the girls, because it provide great look to your nails. It is just designed for young girls. It gives fresh and gorgeous look to their nails. One can carry these kind of nail art in parties, and at any big event. Here is the list of things that is required for doing shimmery nail art.
  -A base coat.
  -A Darker shade nail color (you can also use Matte color for this nail art).
  -Glitters (Glitters come in many colors and shades, one can choose according to their choice).
  -Nail Glue.
  -Top transparent nail color.

Two Toned Nail Art

Two toned nail art is also very famous among the girls. It is easy to do two toned nail art. The things required for such nail art are as follows:
  -The base coat.
  -Two different nail colors.
  -A Sponge.
  -Mess no more liquid tape.
  -Top coat nail color i.e. transparent one. 
How to do Two Toned Nail Art?

Make your Nail Color Matte

Matte colors are in trend now, it provides you very glossy and descent look to the nails. The Matte nail colors are quite expensive as compared to other nail colors. Here i am going to tell you 2 steps to make your own Matte nail color at home without using expensive products.

Nail Art Designs for Old Woman

Nail art is also famous among the old woman. Neat and clean hands with beautiful artistry on it provide good impression on the next one. The nail art done on the nails of old woman is done with light colors and the designs are so descent. Dark and harsh colors are used for the young girls. One should use the colors and adopt the fashion according to their age group. Here i am going to provide latest nail art designs for the old ladies which are as follows:
   -Matte Nail Art
   -Neutral Nail Art
   -Neon Color Nail Art
   -French Tips Nail Art

Nail Art Designs for Girls

Nail art is famous from the ancient times. This art was famous among the Queens of the ancient times. Everyone is not allowed to do the nail art in the ancient times but now anyone can do the nail art according to their choice and dress. Young girls want to do the nail art that is easy and look elegant too. There are different techniques and designs available in the market to apply the nail art. One can choose the nail art design that is easy to do, because everyone is not expect in doing the nail art. Different types of nail art designs are famous among the girls that include:
    - Polka Dots Nail Art
    - Two Toned Nail Art
    - Shimmery Nail Art
    - Cute Nail Art
    - Pattern Nail Art

History of Nail Art

HistoryNail art is an art of decorating nails. This type of art can be done on finger nails and as well as on toe nails. Nail art is being done in different salons and people love to customize their nails by putting stones, stickers, and pearls on their nails. As other arts, this art was also come from ancient times. It was firstly introduced in