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Basic feet care, everyone needs to know

Feet contain 26 bones that support the total weight of your body. They allow you to stand, walk, balance the body weight in-fact hiking, running and jumping are some of the enjoyable activities your feet allow you to do. Feet perform more functions daily but unfortunately we ignore to take care of them. We must know that feet need to be strong, healthy and comfortable. Special care is required for healthy feet such as caring while choosing the size of shoes, moisturizer for feet etc. Even wearing a wrong size shoes can cause different kind of problems to your feet as the most common is blisters. After a long day of work or 1 hour jogging session, your feet can be the most effected part of your body as they sweat a lot which causes smell and fungus infection. Feet care is as necessary as to take care of your facial skin. Mostly people don’t not focus on feet care as no one see your feet when you in office or outside. But this behavior can creates lots of skin problems to us. Many issue…

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