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What your nail polish says about you?

Reflection of mood in your nail polish Either you wear black, white, orange, neon, gold or black. Each color has its psychology that deeply reflects to your mood. "Your attitude is like a box of caryons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray and your picture will always bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up." Allen Klein Color is considered as a form of non-verbal communication. It express the feelings and [...]

Nail Art Innovations

In recent years, nail art is becoming more popular and more creative deisgns are introduced that will blow your mind. From polka dots, patterns, french manicure to stones, [...]

Wedding Nail Art

edding nail art is very famous, and people love to carry this nail art on their weddings and while attending others wedding. The designs used in wedding nail art are [...]

Acrylic Nails

Hey to all of you, I hope you all are well and with good health too. Today I decided to write on the topic that is very famous i.e. called “Acrylic Nails”. By listening this term what you guys think these nails are? Have any idea?? If your answer is no than stay to this page and read my article that contains information, history, uses, advantages and disadvantages of acrylic nails.[...]

Interesting Facts about Nails

Most of us take our nails for granted, but the nails are also a complicated part of our body. One should need to know the importance of [...]

Dec 4, 2017

10 Best Nail Art Ideas for Christmas 2017

10 Best Nail Art Ideas for Christmas 2017

Welcome back to my audience, I come back with amazing nail art ideas for Christmas 2017. Paint your nails differently and made different designs to impress others on this Christmas. 10 best nail art ideas for Christmas 2017 are as follows:

Dec 2, 2017

5 Best Nail Art Designs for Winters 2017

Hello everyone after a long time, Once again i am here to share some of the best nail art designs that you can put in winters 2017. Summers are so colorful so, why not winters? Today i come up with 5 best nail art designs for winters 2017 that every girl can put and enjoy. 

5 Best Nail Art Designs For Winters 2017

5 best nail art designs for winters 2017 are as follows:

Jan 25, 2017

Elegant Nail Art Designs 2017

Hey guys! I am back after a long break as i am busy with my work and family. I hope you all doing well. After a long break i decide to come with a treat to you guys. In this post i am going to share some cute and elegant nail art designs of 2017.

Apr 27, 2016

10 Perfect Nail Art Designs for Prom 2016

Hey guys, today i come with a new hot topic i.e. "Prom nail art designs 2016". Prom is a semi formal function that is arranged for high school students.

Apr 18, 2016

My Nail Care Routine

Hi, to all of you. Today i am taking a break from "nailart" discussion and going to tell you about nail care. I will share my basic nail care routine that

Apr 12, 2016

3 mostly used nail art tools that is made by using home products

Nail art tools are the need of every girl who love to decorate their nails. But if i tell you that all nail art tools can be easily made up by using all common home products. Yeah! it is true, now you can make your own nail art tools at home and

Apr 9, 2016

How to grow perfect nails in a week?

What if you go for a manicure and they cut your nails too much? The first reaction must be full of anger. But what if i tell that you can grow perfect and healthy nails in a week?